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I was born in India in small town called Tumsar near Nagpur , Yes In India a population of 60,000 is considered small town 🙂

I studied in Shirinbai Neterwala School ( SNS ) upto 12th standard in Tumsar. Here a picture of me when I was a kid some 25 years back,One of the first batches when school just started. It was the best school in town with exorbitant fees [ think around 5$/ Month ] that only few parents could afford.

After 12th standard I joined SGGS college of Engineering and Technology in Nanded with Instrumentation major ( I still dont know what Instrumentation engineers do 🙂 , Guess I will figure out someday .

With no interest in studying whatsoever and no girls to hit on (  READ : We were the kids that parents tell to stay away from if they have to have any chance getting decent grades),we would basically just sleep, play poker , drink tea .

With no future in India and no job offers despite being hottest job market in a century , I decide to head to land of opportunities , Amrica .I ask a friend why is studying all those words , He tells me there is exam called GRE , read this book  and go to America, So I jumped on it  and landed exactly 1 month before 9/11.

Lucky me .


So I take admission in University of Maryland , College Park as Masters student in Telecommunications. I was told it is country’s finest university, Indeed it is beautiful, Great use of Maryland Tax dollars.

After successful completion of that mission , I was looking forward to make more money [ U cant blame me for buying gifts for newly met first girlfriend ever in life ], I was told there is a organization called GSG ( Graduate Student Government ) which pays 1000$ per semester , I was also told that it has power to control budget to be spend on campus organizations , only catch , you have to be elected to the office,

After setting up exploratory committee  consisting of 1 person ( me ), I quickly discover that VP of committee affairs will be most influential position with least amount of work and has best chances to win with just 7 other contestants , I file for nomination and learn everything about campaigning and win elections ( I tell all the organizations that if I win , I will make sure they will receive hightest funding , true politician ..:)

I am the only Indian in the GSG board of directors .,

Thanks to Google ,This damn page about the assembly meetings has been cached for last 9 years which says I was late ( For gods sake , I was late by 10 min 🙂 , whats so big deal, except that I was presiding officer of the Assembly (  It aint meeting , Its assembly , Shit , like General Assembly of United Nations where angry representatives fry the committees , They were that serious , they thought they are running US Congress assembly.


Anyways ,Motivated , I also get elected as Alumni Association VP , I also get Graduate Assistantship with full tuition waiver , Life is good ..

I graduate and using some cool techniques get great paying job quickly at Telos Corporation ( Check out how I make 150K HERE ). I  installed Wireless in US Air Force based all across the country, Some of my wireless installation , Andrews Air Force base in Maryland(  Where they keep Air Force One ) , Altus AFB OK, Columbus AFB, MS , Davis Monthon AFB , Tucson AZ, Dover AFB , DE , Hanscom- MA ,Holloman , NM ,McCord , WA  and many more .

I get tired of traveling after 3 1/2 years and join FDIC in Arlington VA which was the most amazing job as my team leader Jeremy did most of the work , I just have to make sure he gets his dose of Indian food.

Being a people person with lot of contacts , I started many side gigs and companies  , such as promoting clubs, Doing my own parties , party promoter, DJ , doing big concerts , IT Staffing, recruiter, IT Training and placement services, outsourcing , BPO ( Back office process ) , Online marketing consultant , SEO consultant, offshore call center, website design.There is nothing I have not done .



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