My name is Sachin Rajgire and I am based out of Northern Virginia , Edison NJ ( March 2016 ) Join Indian Community of NJ facebook page .

I am research blogger mostly into digital marketing .For paying my bills I still work as Cisco Unified communications Engineer / Network Engineer . We moved to Edison NJ in March 2016, I  have spent 13 years in Washington DC /Maryland/ Virginia area so I still confused if I should call India, DMV or NYC tristate as my home. I am married to my lovely wife Ketaki and I am slave to our wonderful spoilt  rotten dog Buddy , both of whom are very demanding .

Master Buddy with his 2 slaves

American Dog with his fancy imported Indian Slaves

I am constantly fiddling around several business ideas most of which do not work 🙂 , My wife is sick and tired of listening to my new billion dollar ideas, but I restless mind refuse to listen.

Shoot me an email AT Would be glad to help for free if doesn’t take significant amount of my time. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook OR LinkedIn or Google+ .

You will find me playing tennis in morning or taking this kind udemy class or working on my blog or organizing social or other gatherings.


This is where I spend most of my time

Going to India From USA Gift Ideas Blog

( 20K visitors per month , 1000+ subscribers )

Fashion Magazine for Geek Girls


Big Traffic Blog on ideas of making money online ( 80,000 visitors a month , 3600 facebook fan , several twitter and pinterest users )

KeyNotes and Media Mentions



I was born in India in small town called Tumsar near Nagpur , Yes In India a population of 60,000 is considered small town 🙂

I studied in Shirinbai Neterwala School ( SNS ) upto 12th standard in Tumsar. Here a picture of me when I was a kid some 25 years back,One of the first batches when school just started. It was the best school in town with exorbitant fees [ think around 5$/ Month ] that only few parents could afford.

After 12th standard I joined SGGS college of Engineering and Technology in Nanded with Instrumentation major ( I still dont know what Instrumentation engineers do 🙂 , Guess I will figure out someday .

With no interest in studying whatsoever and no girls to hit on (  READ : We were the kids that parents tell to stay away from if they have to have any chance getting decent grades),we would basically just sleep, play poker , drink tea .

With no future in India and no job offers despite being hottest job market in a century , I decide to head to land of opportunities , Amrica .I ask a friend why is studying all those words , He tells me there is exam called GRE , read this book  and go to America, So I jumped on it  and landed exactly 1 month before 9/11.

Lucky me .


So I take admission in University of Maryland , College Park as Masters student in Telecommunications. I was told it is country’s finest university, Indeed it is beautiful, Great use of Maryland Tax dollars.

After successful completion of that mission , I was looking forward to make more money [ U cant blame me for buying gifts for newly met first girlfriend ever in life ], I was told there is a organization called GSG ( Graduate Student Government ) which pays 1000$ per semester , I was also told that it has power to control budget to be spend on campus organizations , only catch , you have to be elected to the office,

After setting up exploratory committee  consisting of 1 person ( me ), I quickly discover that VP of committee affairs will be most influential position with least amount of work and has best chances to win with just 7 other contestants , I file for nomination and learn everything about campaigning and win elections ( I tell all the organizations that if I win , I will make sure they will receive hightest funding , true politician ..:)

I am the only Indian in the GSG board of directors .,

Thanks to Google ,This damn page about the assembly meetings has been cached for last 9 years which says I was late ( For gods sake , I was late by 10 min 🙂 , whats so big deal, except that I was presiding officer of the Assembly (  It aint meeting , Its assembly , Shit , like General Assembly of United Nations where angry representatives fry the committees , They were that serious , they thought they are running US Congress assembly.

Anyways ,Motivated , I also get elected as Alumni Association VP , I also get Graduate Assistantship with full tuition waiver , Life is good ..

I graduate and using some cool techniques get great paying job quickly at Telos Corporation ( Check out how I make 150K HERE ). I  installed Wireless in US Air Force based all across the country, Some of my wireless installation , Andrews Air Force base in Maryland(  Where they keep Air Force One ) , Altus AFB OK, Columbus AFB, MS , Davis Monthon AFB , Tucson AZ, Dover AFB , DE , Hanscom- MA ,Holloman , NM ,McCord , WA  and many more .

I get tired of traveling after 3 1/2 years and join FDIC in Arlington VA which was the most amazing job as my team leader Jeremy did most of the work , I just have to make sure he gets his dose of Indian food.

Being a people person with lot of contacts , I started many side gigs and companies  , such as promoting clubs, Doing my own parties , party promoter, DJ , doing big concerts , IT Staffing, recruiter, IT Training and placement services, outsourcing , BPO ( Back office process ) , Online marketing consultant , SEO consultant, offshore call center, website design.There is nothing I have not done and I really mean it , NOTHING ..


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