Website owners bloggers monitor your website please

I urge everyone to monitor your website/ blog if you get significant search traffic from google. There are several services like pingdom . Its only 10$ /month , Don’t be penny wise pound foolish like I was . I got started yesterday on one my website .

Basically it monitors website reachability from all parts of world and also uptime . As soon as it detects that its down , it sends you text and email in 5 minutes .

DISCLAIMER : I am not affiliated with pingdom

Please READ This if you own/maintain any website

I learned the hard way ,

So one of my website has a plugin issue where its plugin crashed and website went down ,It didn’t even allow me to login , To fix this you have to go thru a special file on hosting and disable all plugin , Anyways that was easy party

I did not realize it until after few days , google has already sent its bots to the site and deindexed it thinking that site does not exist , Even after fixing ,After 3 months I don’t get a single visitor .Fortunately it was smaller website in my portfolio .

This could easily have been avoided if I has used a monitoring service, I would have got text message on my mobile that website is down and  I would have easily noindexed the site temporarily , giving me time to fix it .


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