Amma Restaurant -Innovation Hub for Indians

These days I go to Amma restraurent very frequently , Almost once a week , I just love their food and its cheap , so can’t complain,You know you have some places that just have right vibes , u want to go their again and again , Amma is one of those . If I start my company some days, I want to name them,¬†Amdosa ( short for Amma Dosa ) , Amma guys need to pay me for free advertising they are getting .


but anyways I am always evesdropping into the conversations people are having there , Most of men in groups of 3 are talking about Big data

how technology is changing , how to integrate collaboration tools ,all kinds of good stuff. I am like ,I am not sure how smart these guys are but one thing I know for sure , When ever you discuss ideas and general stuff in informal setting , new break out opportunities come out of it .

I was reading book by Linkedin founder Reid Hoffman where he credits entire success of silicon valley to these kind of  informal discussion people have from . Benjamin franklin started these 200 years back , He called it Junto where all people from all walks of life would meet in london coffee house.

Did you know oxygen was discovered by guy in that group ?

So I have non Indian friends and all we talk about is sports , women and relationships

So why am I saying this , Eventually someone sitting in Amma will get an brilliant idea which will generate new market or new segment.

You never know Facebook will be born out of Amma .

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