Website owners bloggers monitor your website please

I urge everyone to monitor your website/ blog if you get significant search traffic from google. There are several services like pingdom . Its only 10$ /month , Don’t be penny wise pound foolish like I was . I got started yesterday on one my website .

Basically it monitors website reachability from all parts of world and also uptime . As soon as it detects that its down , it sends you text and email in 5 minutes .

DISCLAIMER : I am not affiliated with pingdom

Please READ This if you own/maintain any website

I learned the hard way ,

So one of my website has a plugin issue where its plugin crashed and website went down ,It didn’t even allow me to login , To fix this you have to go thru a special file on hosting and disable all plugin , Anyways that was easy party

I did not realize it until after few days , google has already sent its bots to the site and deindexed it thinking that site does not exist , Even after fixing ,After 3 months I don’t get a single visitor .Fortunately it was smaller website in my portfolio .

This could easily have been avoided if I has used a monitoring service, I would have got text message on my mobile that website is down and  I would have easily noindexed the site temporarily , giving me time to fix it .


google analytics

Amazon Home Services-Next 800 Billion Dollar Opportunity

Amazon Home Services is finally  launched or been introduced to put it mildly. According to a recent survey 53% of household said they are going Amazon Home Services.

SUIT main logoSo why is it important ?

Think about it, millions of products get sold on Amazon everyday , comes down to around 8 billion a month, that’s with a  “B”, that’s more than GDP of several countries.

Lets take a example that you buy TV on Amazon ,You will immediately see TV installation as recommended service and if you bundle up , you will save 10% off TV . That’s a offer you cannot deny .

3We all know the potential , All I am saying it , with such strong existing pipeline of sales and customers , It will only take Amazon 4 to 6 months to get saturated with professionals, sellers and companies . After that any new entrant will have tough time getting in because customers will only prefer professionals with good reviews and you will have none.  Sorry buddy , no Soup for you 🙂

Most Important Reason – Direct from Horse’s Mouth

Amazon limits the addition of new sellers in the Amazon Home Selling Services program to ensure customers are able to buy with confidence from all sellers on Amazon.

That means if you don’t get in NOW and if the existing sellers are doing good job , You will never get entry in coveted club .

Here are some possible combinations :

Guitar lessons with a purchase of Guitar ?                                                                     Yoga lessons with purchase of mat ?                                                                  Marathon training with purchase of running shoes ?                                                     Dating lessons with purchase of book “How to get girls ”   ?

Now thats pushing it by you just never know how high it might go  🙂

Possibilities are endless  and only up to your imagination

4Amazon Home Services

I am Convinced , Show me whats in it for me and  how I can make money ? 

I am going to tell you several ways to make your millions on it . But for starters , Go to Amazon Home Services and register yourself or your company and for god’s sake dont be lazy , Just do it .

I am waiting………….Do not read this if you haven’t signed up with Amazon Home Services . Reading will not make you money , doing something will .

Here are several Ways You can Capitalize on this new Gold Rush ?

Most Obvious Way : Register as Seller ,professional or small business 

As mentioned before , just register yourself and start selling your services . Its no brainer. Try this link if you need help with enrolling in Amazon Home Services progam

Help businesses  make profile on Amazon 

Lets take example of Cyber U LLC which is providing iphone repair in zip 10001 .Notice that profile is not well written and hence they got no business so far .

If you know how to write sales letter or have little bit of copywriting skills . You can put an ad on craigslist and start helping sellers make profile .

cyber u llc

Make a company that helps test drive services and get reviews 

We all know in Amazon , reviews matters so much that if you get few bad reviews , you are basically finished. Its a classic catch 22 situation , Without reviews businesses wont get customers and without customers businesses wont be reviews . Thats when your company can come in and help get initial customers for a fee  . That way they will get some reviews to get started . I am not suggesting that you give fake reviews, You are just providing initial customer base for sellers to get started .Customers will give honest feedback on sellers amazon profile.

Subcontract from Top Sellers or Stores 

Amazon can be both blessing and curse at the same time. If you get good reviews and your business takes off , You will have so much business that you wont be able to handle it and sometime companies don’t want to hire additional staff as it increases overhead and cuts into their margin .

Amazon Home Services
Amazon Home Services

So basically you approach top sellers in your category in your area and partner up to take up that additional work load . WIN-WIN . You will have to build trust and good relationships before anyone would entrust you with any responsibility.

There is requirement from Amazon that your subcontractor wear your company T-Shirt. If your company name is "Sachin Rajgire Car Repairs" , Make sure your subcontractor wears "Sachin Rajgire Car Repair" T-Shirt NOT  Mike's Car Repair or you would be barred

Be the front End of Company who doesn’t have time or tech savviness

Lets assume your friend has great company and they provide lawn moving or any other service . He probably doesn’t have time or he might not be tech savvy enough to understand Amazon Home Services . You can tie up with him and run his Amazon part of the business.You set up profile, provide quotes and do all it takes to get clients and you can use his company credentials.You can share the profits

You can help businesses convert Amazon leads to Personal Leads for Long term Value

Ok , Do you want to know how percentage Amazon takes for every sale . Here a screenshot . Here is the Amazon Link to  Transaction Fees-Its hidden somewhere 

Amazon Fees

Give or take its around 20% on a transaction . Most businesses don’t want to pay 20% everytime for a service . They want to convert that lead to permanent paying customer to increase total lifetime value of that customer .So how would you do that ?

That’s when you my man comes in as saving grace with all the corporate MBA bullshit and sets up a systems where they can retain that customer

So What can you do , Again tons of things ..

  • Setting up email marketing systems to send newsletter regularly
  • Offering referral points or bonuses
  • Setting up loyalty systems
  • Setting up a CRM Customer Relationship Management software , There are plenty of free ones like ZohoCRM etc

 Make Attractive Marketing Material to Entice New Amazon Customers

You can help businesses make new customized marketing material for Amazon . For example

  • You can make a compilation of video testimonials from satisfied Amazon Home Services Customers and put on Amazon profile and website
  • You  can make dedicated Amazon customer website or direct it to subdirectory when they click from amazon to make personalized pitch
  • Make new commercials for Amazon customers
  • Make Animated video on how the process works to better inform customers
  • Design new flyers and posters, logos etc

REAL LIFE EXAMPLE –You can use this example for pitching to your prospects

Lets look at the  2 sellers providing USB outlet installation , Which one looks more attractive ? Ignore Price for a second

Amazon Home Service Provider Logos

Sell Insurance to businesses that qualified for Amazon Home Services 

I have mentioned Amazon Home Services Insurance Requirements in details here . Basically you and your subcontractor or affiliates need General Liability or Workers Compensation Insurance . Most established businesses carry these 2 insurances but their affiliates and subcontractor might not.

All you have to do is search Amazon for new sellers that come online

STEP 1 :

Go to This LINK and follow directions mentioned in the screenshot. Select Each Category and on right corner , choose by Newest Sellers


Put all new sellers you find every day in a spreadsheet . Here is a Sample One , Google them or lookup on their website and find contact details .If you can’t find email, call them. Enter them in spreadsheet and send this sample Email



Congrats on getting in to Amazon Home Services Program. Your seller profile and website looks amazing .Just a suggestion to add some customer testimonials . I am working with some other business owners and their conversation sky rocketed after they displayed some video testimonials on their website .

Also I wanted to bring to your attention about insurance requirements of Amazon Home Services program for you and your affiliate or subcontractors . Here is the link to the requirements

I have helped 3 other businesses to meet their Amazon insurance requirements. After they shopped around, they found my quote to be most reasonable . Let me know if I can help you with the insurance. Even if you don’t buy insurance , I can share some business lessons from my clients who  are doing very very well with Amazon

Stay in Touch

Your Name – Certified Insurance Agency Since 1776 🙂 . <—— Make sure to show credibility


Help Businesses with Business Licenses and Authorizations 

Several small businesses are running several years without proper business licenses and certifications. If you have knowledge of state,local , county rules you can help sellers in acquiring proper licenses so that they can qualify for Amazon Home Services .


Here a quick look , if you can refund , reschedule or cancel your amazon home service appointments. Yes you can do it very easily, Just go to your orders and you will see options for it .

Refunding Rescheduling or Canceling Amazon Home Services
Refunding Rescheduling or Canceling Amazon Home Services

Try not to reschedule or cancel too many times as Amazon will start charging next  year Jan 2016.


Most federal and state laws in USA mandate all businesses to carry 2 kinds of insurance . State and county law generally dictate the terms and coverage.

Amazon Home Services  Insurances ( Mandatory )

1) General Liability –

2) Workers Compensation

Amazon Home Services  Insurances ( Optional  )

Auto Liability Insurance – If your work involves employees company vehicles .

Here a Page that explains Insurance Requirements

A Very Important thing to Note is that Amazon Home Services requires you and your sub contractors or affiliates to carry all required insurances or you will be liable for all damages caused

Amazon home services fees are very very important for small businesses to calculate in their total overhead

Amazon Home Services Fees
Amazon Home Services Fees

Here is the breakdown :  Here is Official Amazon Link that mentions all charges

Services Selling Fees

There are  2 type of Fees that Amazon will charge

Transaction fee :   Invoicing + payment processing+  fraud protection.

Platform fee : Marketing +advertising + seller tools +customer service.

Type of Service Transaction Fees (% ) Service Platform Fees(%) Comments
Standardized Services 5 15 In Effect Now
Custom Services 5 10 Waived till June 30
Recurring Services 5 5 In Effect Now


All Fees are waived till  Dec 31 2015

Sign Up Fees :  waived through December 31, 2015

Monthly Subscription Fees: waived through December 31, 2015

Background Check Fees: waived through December 31, 2015 (for fees incurred prior to this date)




  • Per Business: $50 (required for all service providers that list services on Amazon
  • Per Participating Employee: $40 (required for employees performing in-home services)

How to Get in Amazon Program as Service Seller

I failed quite miserably in trying to get into Amazon as a Professional business or trying to sell my service .That means Amazon is scrutinizing your business quite well before admitting you. BTW I was just playing around with Amazon Home Services application process , just to see if they accept me as Digital Marketing Professional in Washington DC metro area .

Here is the screenshot of email I got . I like the choice of words by Amazon , Instead of saying your application has been rejected , they told me , your application is not approved . Thanks Amazon , feels little better 🙂

amazon home services denial email
amazon home services denial email

That’s  a great thing for all certified professionals and established businesses .Cheap knockouts might not be able to compete with you . You get in with your competency .

First step towards successful application would be some tangible and quantifiable way of showing Amazon about your history and achievements,

Here are things you need be ready with before applying for Amazon Home Services Seller Account

  • Certifications – State , industry
  • Customer reviews: Testimonials from your existing clientales
  • Licenses: State, Local and County Licenses are must
  • Insurance: Liability and Workers Compensation for yourself and your associates or subcontractors
  •  Solid website: You need good website to show Amazon that you established player

Lets take a look at one of   Provider Homlux who have been admitted, certified and has finished 6 jobs as an example

Observe the feedback , Already got 6 reviews in span of 10 days . Imagine how much business Amazon Home service will give if you get in early and accumulate positive reviews .

Also Note that Homlux was

  • Licensed
  • Background Checked
Amazon Home Services Reviews
Amazon Home Services Reviews

I did a quick google and looked at Homlux website and here are things I noticed .

  • They have pretty good looking website
  • They have good testimonials on website

These factors would have definitely influenced Amazons decision to let them in.

So be prepared before you apply because you might not get a second chance . So after making sure you have your ducks in row

Head over to this Seller Page of  Amazon Home Services

Now from here its pretty straight forward ,

  • Apply for the program ,
  • Get the Invite code
  • Complete the application
  • Get the background checks Done and you are in business man
  • I am not Businessman , I am a Business Man - Jay Z

There are 2 kinds of service

In-Home AND  In-Store , Make sure you fill up proper forms .In home service requires 6 point criminal check .



If you have any suggestion , Feel Free to send me email at

I am constantly updating this page , Please  check back in few days.


How to find a new job quickly without even getting off the couch

This article was written as a response to a journalist query looking for tips on topic, How to find a new job Quickly” She did not quote me so I am putting it as a blog post .

how to find a job quickly
how to find a job quickly

As a former recruiter who has spend time finding candidates on
internet , I will give few tips here which I follow religiously .Reverse Engineering how recruiters would search for you will give you a leg up in highly competitive job market.We will reverse engineer on what is taught to recruiters on How to find a new candidate on internet.

Use Slideshare to bait the recruiter.From my extensive research , I
found to be best place to bait the recruiters.
I am currently looking for new gigs as Digital Marketer , I have put
my summary in slideshare and formatted ( Reverse engineered how
recruiter would search )

Here is example of my profile

For Example :
Here is the link to my slideshare resume which I put just few days
back, It has got more than 30 views already.

Recruiter generally search on internet based on these 2 criteria
InURL  OR InTitle
They search for following keyworde:  CV OR MyResume  OR resume

If you have any of the keywords in title or url and place it on
slideshare , I bet you will get lot of enquiries

Here is the manual that is given to recruiters to search candidate

Now my recommendation on How to find a new job quickly would be take the slideshare example and do it for different possible channels such such as linkedin , your personal blog ,pinterest, youtube etc .As many free channels you have available to you.

You can also read How I Make 150K yearly consistently  OR  Get Some Motivation by Reading these Amazing Books


About Me:

Sachin Rajgire is expert digital media guru, growth hacker and
successful entrepreneur who runs several profitable website , blogs
and successful Digital Marketing company.He can be found at

Best Business Books of All Time

These are not only my favorite business books but also all time best business books ever published. Some of them are evergreen such as Think and Grow Rich Its available for a penny . List of best business books is always growing as I read them and add to the collection.I own about 60 of them including top 20 in the list .Top 10 books has the most influence on my life

Best Business Books of All Times
Best Business Books of All Times
  • Making Ideas Happen – Scott Belsky
  • Delivering Happiness – Tony Hsieh
  • The Snowball – Alice Schroeder
  • Drive – Daniel Pink
  • Barbarians at the Gate: The Fall of RJR Nabisco – Bryan Burrough, John Helyar
  • The Smartest Guys in the Room – Bethany McLean, Peter Elkind There is also a documentary on Netflix about this .
  • Fooled by Randomness – Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  • Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make Competition Irrelevant – W. Chan Kim, Renee Mauborgne
  • Information Rules: A Strategic Guide to the Network Economy – Carl Shapiro
  • Only the Paranoid Survive – Andrew Grove
  • Talent Is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else – Geoff Colvin
  • Crowdsourcing – Jeff Howe
  • Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive – Patrick Lencioni
  • Ahead of the Curve: Two Years at Harvard Business School – Delves Broughton
  • The Greatest Trade Ever – Gregory Zuckerman
  • Getting to Yes – Roger Fisher et al.
  • Management – Peter Drucker
  • Built from Scratch: How a Couple of Regular Guys Grew The Home Depot from Nothing to $30 Billion – Bernie Marcus, Arthur Blank
  • Titan – the Life of John D. Rockefeller – Ron Chernow
  • The Snowball – Alice Schroeder
  • The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World – Niall Ferguson
  • The 7 day weekend – Ricardo Semler
  • Maverick: The Success Story Behind the World’s Most Unusual Workplace – Ricardo Semler
  • A Double Scotch – E Paul Pacult
  • The Great Game of Business – Jack Stack
  • Absolut – Carl Hamilton
  • Morgan – American Financier – Jean Strouse
  • Why we buy – Paco Underhill
  • Carnegie – Peter Krass
  • Billion Dollar Game – Peter Bazalgette
  • Words that change minds – Shelle Rose Charvet


Guide to Buying Cisco Certification Lab Equipment Online

I bought  my CCNP Lab, CCIE Voice Lab online  In last several years I have spent tons of money on Cisco lab .Specially Cisco IP Phones , Routers and switces . Here is a video of my lab . 

So you want to be CCNA , CCNP or CCIE .Hmm..If you are currently reading this . Congratulations you have taken first step .I have all 3 certifications. Skipped ccna voice lab and directly went for CCIE Voice.I have taken CCIE voice lab 1 times but didnt make it but honestly its not that bad.

Here are my recommendations based on my experience .

You must buy equipment , Either beg , borrow , steal ( not recommended ) 🙂  .When I first started out in Cisco world around 13 years back , I didn’t buy any equipment . I just bought CCNA press book . Start reading it. Didnt do anything, Studied for 12-14 hours a day straight for 18 days . Thats it . I was done with CCNA , though barely made it . Last 2 days went to Barnes and Noble and used SYBEX CCNA Book there since I didnt have money to buy the book . Although I made it , victory was hollow and I didn’t have confidence to face interviews ,Why , because I have never seen a damn router in real life . I tried googling but real life is real life plus google was not that advanced at that point of time. Life was hard . I should have bought CCNA CCNP Lab certification kits. Whats the point of all these ?

Point is spend some upfront to buy some equipment . It pays itself off and many times over in long run.

Now that you are convinced that you must have real life equipment . Lets see where we can get it.


If you are working, chances are very high that your employer has tons of gear lying around sitting in underground stores which nobody cares or even bother to care . Its big pile of shit and nobody want to do the work of cleaning it up . If you are the man on mission , you must find this hidden treasure . Many times , its sitting in data center or racks or engineers desk or lying in some dark rooms or even sitting right under your desk . I guarantee there  30 to 40% equipment which is unused in any environment. There are several reasons for it, Years of neglect and engineers coming and going leaves a big black hole of equipment nobody knows whats happening. Here is another sad truth, if you go and ask your manager if they have any LAB, he will mostly say NO because even he would care less. So best approach is to find these master pieces sitting around office and then ask your manager ,Can I use it for simulating upcoming project . Most likely he will say SURE . Find the equipment not connected , powered up .

RISKY STRATEGY : I never ask for permission, Ask for forgiveness and act as if you are as innocent as child. Just use equipment thats  lying around not connected to anything. Watch it for 10 days whether anyone bother to give some love to that equipment.On 11th day , that equipment is yours . Make a  sticker , LAB Equipment, Do not touch , Stick on it and woohoo . You  just got a first piece.Do not take it home unless you have written permission. Aim is to learn NOT Steal company’s property. 


Problem with Cisco equipment is that its on mercy on persons motivation. What I mean is,  suddenly I will feel the urge that I want to be CCIE . I will buy this huge lab and start working on it for weeks or months , sometime few days . Depends on how strong your urge it . Since we all human are kind of similar  , What will happen to all that equiment when motivation to study is gone ?  All that equipment is sitting there and waiting for rightful owner . I have several phones , routers and switches sitting in my house. I still have some hopes left that I will CCIE Voice someday  🙂 ..Silly me . So ask your friends and family if you can borrow equipment and they will glady loan it to you . I remember buying equipment from coworker while up in Framingham MA working with Dimension Data. Same situation, he had lost the motivation and just pretty much gave away the equipment. After sometime,  your wife’s start cribbing  too much about extra space, your useless equipment is taking.[ Useless to HER ..Gold to US, breadwinner ETC ]  Fortunately situation is reverse in my house since my wife Ketaki Harpale is also a Cisco Voice /UC Engineer]

Now that we have covered basics , Lets see where else we can get equipment online .

Ebay and Amazon 

Ebay is best place in my view to get cheap Cisco Certification gear. I have prepared a list to Top Ebay buyer you should use . If you are pro and going for CCIE or higher level exam , you probably understand equipment, Go on bidding on individual pieces on Ebay , thats the cheapest you will get .


If you are newbie , You are better off buying CCNP Lab packages. Although sometimes it will cost you more /sometimes less and some gurus are against it . I personally think that convenient of having everything together shipped outweigh little extra you might have to pay. Another reason been ,Since understanding equipment is tough. I still dont understand slang they use. For example whats the difference between these cards . HWIC-4ESW, HWIC-2FE and GLC-SX-MMD . Its confusing man .I am still confused after so many years . So go with pre build lab . I personally bought lab on Ebay with success for CCNP . I am too lazy to bid on individual pieces , I would happily pay someone extra to do all the work for me . After all your job is to become Cisco Engineer , not Coupon finding Dealsite.

At time of this writing, After spending few hours looking for lab on Amazon and Ebay . I found pretty much same sellers selling on both with just little price differential .

I am Amazon Guy but for labs I would recommend EBay .

Check out this ebay and this amazon lab –   Same thing but seems like Amazon is little expensive . If I were you , I would buy from Ebay just because , it has more reputed sellers with long history and provides better Buyer Protection .

I also maintain Cisco Top 25 Selling Equipment Daily Price Sheet in google doc .

Craiglist Sell Side 

Check out this ad , Do I need to say more. Keep checking equipment in and around your area

Cisco Certification lab
Cisco Certification lab


Craigslist Again –BUY Side

This is another overlooked feature, Most people look on craigslist for sellers but there are also bulk buyers that are scouring  for Used equipment at rock bottom throw away prices . These agents will then sell stuff to consolidators or other bigger resellers . There are several agents working for few big resellers who gets commision to bring in cheap equipment . Contact them , you will be surprised by how much junk they have lying around . They  have generally big warehouses outside the city .

Bulk buyers on craiglist


If you are reading this , that means you were born super lucky to have all labs available to you on cloud . All material on Video and everything you need to succeed on an app . What more you want .

For CCIE Voice Lab Preparation ,I bought CCIE Voice video series for 1500 and then bought 4 phones , router and a switch . These equipment connect to cloud equipment via a VPN . Pretty sweet . I spend around 1200$ for Rack time. I took a bootcamp with Vik Malhi of IPExpert . He has started his own company CollabCert since then [Vik is amazing if you are trying to take CCIE Collaboration].Also I used INE resource heavily and subscribed to there monthly all inclusive package .Material out there today is so convenient and amazing that there is no reason for anyone not to study . Literally there is nothing more you need.Everything is been handed out to you in silver platter. All you have to do is consume it.  I would highly recommend all the cloud labs and their material . Very very good.

Alternate IDEA : If you have time off from work , Go to cheaper countries like India or Philippines to get the bootcamp . I am from India and you can get 30 day all inclusive CCIE Bootcamp for around 2-3 grand. You see a new country and get a cert .I am coining a new term right now . #CertificationTourism


INE offer CCNA Video Course Free .

GNS3 is free simulation                                                                                                           Download this Cisco 3D Interactive App . Amazing App

Alternate IDEA : If you have time off from work , Go to cheaper countries like India or Philippines to get the bootcamp . I am from India and you can get 30 day all inclusive CCIE Bootcamp for around 2-3 grand. You see a new country and get a cert .I am coining a new term right now . #CertificationTourism

At closing I would like to point to a story from Think and Grow Rich . There was a man Edwin who wanted to be partner with Edison but was so poor he has no money to even take a train to Edison’s office in Orange NJ . He took the freight train and made it happen.Again that was in 1930s. So if whether you are starting out or professional , My point is equipment should not be a problem, There is plenty of avenues you can get it from . What counts is , do you have desire strong enough to get thru this hurdles .


Today We are all Freelancers

Its important article to understand shift of economies ..Earlier we understand better we will be prepared , This is applicable to all industries. Today we are all freelancers.Best way to prepare is assume that companies of future wont provide you with stable job, it will just present you opportunities.Best way to prepare is develop some expertise and start helping small to medium companies , individuals or businesses in reaching their goals.

Here an article that would explain it better than I can


We are launching new school in October

I hope you’re having an awesome day. As all of you know that I am very anti college guy, I have always tried convincing my friends out of attending any kind of long term school or college , at any opportunity I get. Degrees are worthless and universities are soon going to be dead. Most of my things I have learned either by myself or just by doing.

I strongly feel like colleges are cheating students of their time and money for their gain. I am strongly convinced because I have trained many people who didn’t know what to do in their life and they are very happy. ( Read: Making good money J  ), despite  not completing degree or college.

Why I am writing this , because we have decided to address the problem ,

3  major problems with school system that we are trying to fix
Continue reading We are launching new school in October

Higher Education Bureaucrats and Corporations are Bankrupting Students

Imagine being one of the many American college students that has to overcome growing up in a poor neighborhood with little money, only to get good grades and go off to college and be exploited by corporations and profit-seeking colleges.Unfortunately this is happening far too often, as the percentage of students at for-profit colleges that are poor is much higher than that same percentage at non-profit universities.

In addition, for-profit universities charge a lot more money for a four-year degree than non-profit universities. This has a number of negative effects. Continue reading Higher Education Bureaucrats and Corporations are Bankrupting Students