How to make flavored popcorn

I love flavored popcorn way too much . Before coming to USA I never knew there so many kind of flavored popcorn . I have now seen it as a common practice to gift huge drums of flavored popcorn. I got really obsessed and researched on How to make flavored popcorn . Below Picture was taken in Natick Mall near Boston MA when I first got addicted to flavored popcorn.By the way Jan 19 is National Popcorn day 🙂 . You never thought there can be a popcorn day, do you.

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how to make flavored popcorn
how to make flavored popcorn how to make flavored popcorn

Here are quick ways on How to Make Flavored Popcorns

Now you will need 3 things

1) PopCorn Maker – Check out these discount popcorn makers 

2)  A large PAN :

3) Seasonings : Here is link to all possible seasonings

Now all you do it all of them in a PAN , mix it and enjoy ,

I used to create some flavored popcorns with different tastes , Here are my discoveries of flavored popcorns

1) Wasabi Flavored Popcorns

2) Sri racha flavored Popcorns

3) There is a thing called GUD in Indian store which is Sweet , It will give that hard coating of brown over the popcorns .

4)Ice cream popcorns: Put popcorns in ice cream

5) Deep friend Popcorns with sautted onions

Got the point , You are not limited to choices on shelf, Pick anything you like the most and add in popcorns and enjoy.