Complete Guide to Starting or Attending Desi party

I did desi party  in Washington DC for many years.Several of them Most of them were awesome , Now I can classify awesome in two ways,

Parties which were awesome for me , money wise or fun wise . Now its important to know what your motivation is , If you are in for money , you are not making the best career decision

but if you motivated by meeting new people ,throwing awesome parties like I am , you are right business my friend .

First part of the guide is if you want to start your own desi party sometimes called bollywood party, Second party is attending desi party specially around New Years time when you have plenty of choices .

******Here are some amazing Party theme ideas

So lets get started and get you going . If you are starting out or new in town , I won’t immediately go and through a party , as bringing people in the door is not easiest thing you ever did.

Step 1

Build Network :

Yes, Yes, Yes I don’t know why but answer to most of the questions is “build a network” , but since you in party business you need network of people who will spread your message about the party and invite their friends. If you don’t have 10-15 good friends who will come to party and bring 3-4 friends ,turn around go back to cubicle, because you are not ready yet.

Building a network take time and consideration, Throwing a party is all about how well connected you are , So you need to go out and meet as many people as you can , Help them out , so that when you need a small favor they will gladly do it. Oh by the way building the network is the hardest part of throwing the party ,rest is easy . If you have good network , you have no shortage of opportunities . So from the time you decide to throw a party , you need to give yourself around 3-6 months to build a foundation and get organized .

Step 2

Build a list

Now most promoters build list of email addresses . You will need some of listserv company from where you can spam peoples inbox to beg for them to come to your party.I use MailChimp and Aweber to send out emails and register subscribers . Mailchimp is free upto 2000 subscribers but its little strict with spam and adding subscribers , Aweber is less strict . For starters to test waters, go with Mailchimp, For more serious folks go with Aweber . For long term Aweber is better. There are other options such as icontact or constantcontact but they all are very strict with spam and not good for our party promotion business .

If your list is small you can use your gmail address , You can only send 500 emails in a day from your gmail , so be careful if you are using gmail, If people mark is spam , you will soon have problem sending normal emails, didn’t happen to me ..just say ing that ūüôā ..These days I use aweber¬†. Sending email in bulk week after week that too without been caller spammer takes some skill .

Pick A Venue

This can be make or break of the party , You want a place which you give you a good deal, You can start by contacting promoter friends and meeting different restaurent owners ¬†, I had few friends and I approached them for the party , Generally rule of thumb is , You want to find a venue which doesn’t have much dinner traffic after 9.30PM, venue owner will be more likely to cut a deal with you as bar sales after 9.30 is extra money for him. Generally all you need to do is pick up phone and talk to owner and manager, sit down with him and make a deal. I would highly recommend to get help from experienced promoter as amatuers do make lot of mistakes and leave lot of money on table.Always remember you can negogiate almost anything. Like ask him for bottle service, ask for some extra appetizers .Just remember , if you don’t ask answer is always no.

Easiest way is to have your buddy drive you up to any restaurant , You can go inside check out how busy it and talk to owner

Here is contract we did for our with 1223 club ( Now defunct )

You need to start making a spreadsheet with all venues and comments . This was my  venue list .

Step 3

Make a theme /Flyer

So you now have network in place , you need a flyer , Get a flyer design , you can use freelancing site like elance or to find cheap indian designer and get a flyer .I must warn you , I don’t have very good experience working with Indian designers , They doesn’t seem to get it. I used a friend who was US based , He was still a desi so he got the zist.

To give you an example of quality , Here is the example of flyer from Indian designer and my friend. Use a USA based designer for your flyer otherwise, you will waste and curse at the designer.

BAD FLYER ūüôā this thing is hideous ,except of course the obama turban part:)


Desi Party Flyer
Desi Party Flyer


This was one of the best flyer we have done

Good flyer
Desi Party Flyer


You can copy some of our flyers from here here and here

Impact-DCLaughter nite flyerHere



 Artist Payment

DJ Payment

Sound Lighting

Payment Venue

Marketing Campaign

Facebook Marketing


Flyer Design

Flyer Printing

Poster Printing

Hotel charges ( For the artist )


Business Cards


Heart and soul of event is how vigorously you promote, You really have to promote hard to make it successful .

I have made a checklist of Items You need to Do 

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