Hacking building move in List for Free Furniture

So I wanted few stuff such as book shelf , music system and other cool stuff but didn’t find wanted to pay for it , Even if I wanted to pay for it from craigslist there are 2 challenges which  makes craigslist  inconvenient and expensive

1)Renting a van or guys with trunk to get stuff from sellers place to mine is costly and inconvenient

2)  You will have to pay for it

Solution to both problems , find something in your own building. I live in high rise so carrying stuff from one floor is yes little bit inconvenient but still manageable , Now stuff is not going to just fly in from space thru your balcony .So I went to freight elevator and found this list ..

2013-05-18 13.47.19

So now all you have to do is go to each apartment and ask if they are moving in or moving out , I visited all apartments and 2 of them didn’t open the door , they were probably not home , but third one opened and I asked him if he is considering throwing out some of his stuff and I found this .

2013-05-18 17.08.21

After this there was no looking back , I have got everything I need from the my building . Its that easy , You don’t have to pay for good stuff , Its all ready out there and you know whats the  best part , You are doing a favor to the guy who is giving out , Imagine how you feel if you give something out to poor and deserving . I tell them that I am currently trying to save money for my family and that’s why I can’t go out and buy new stuff. Most people feel really good about helping others.

Oh by the way if your apartment community don’t print out list like ours , You can try calling them and asking them what apartments are getting vacant this month because your friend is trying to move in , They will gladly give you the list and you can repeat my steps.

Have fun ..and remember most stuff in life can be done free or little cost only if you are ready to hustle little bit.

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