How I land high paying jobs 150K+ and you can do that too

So  I just joined new company Eplus couple of weeks back which is technology integrator.Here’s how I have consistently land high paying jobs , not to forget I had 4 job offers to choose from. This is not impress you but rather impress on you how things are changing if you don’t pay attention you will be too late to the party.High paying jobs are actually not difficult to get if you some skills, little bit of confidence and some street smartness.

**Update to this Article: I have honed Digital Marketing Skills and now focus on Digital Marketing than things mentioned in this Article . You can check out my income reports HERE 

1) Choose your niche and make sure you are good at it

I work in Cisco Unified Communications which means I do VoIP /Telephony/ Collaboration . There are not many jobs in this field but good part is , there are not many people in the field , so demand always outweigh supply so you always are demand. In future everyone will be expert in small niche area and companies will only pay for those who are very good in those area instead of generalist.

For example ,

lets say you are journalist – You might have to get good at Technology journalist with focus on Mobile platform and applications , now that’s lot better sounding than being a general journalist , got the point. So immediately you have narrowed down number of jobs you can apply but again companies in mobile platforms and applications will seek you out because they need their product promoted. Also just been in right niche won’t help, You need to be good at whatever you do , Nobody pays for general knowledge that can be obtained from internet at low cost.

2) Make sure you are visible on internet

How to Get High Paying Jobs
How to Get High Paying Jobs

I am no authority in this but I am trying to stay visible as much as I can , For example , I know in my job industry , recruiters generally go to Linkedin to find candidates , so I deliberately put myself out there , I also put my phone and email for recruiters to find you easily. Lot of people have this worry that someone will call you randomly stuff like that which I have think are unfounded.

I was preparing for my CCIE Voice exams and I has collected around 50 pages of notes which I published on my  professional blog, I realized its no point holding those notes when they can really help someone else

Here is my blog

3) Network with  Industry People in your Niche -Most Important 

How did I land up this gig , My last job at Lockheed , our vendor was Eplus ( my current employer), They were implementing a solution for us, so I helped Eplus in find new opportunities for business.Word got to the director that their is guy in client site who is actually very helpful , Everyone know clients are not very supportive lot of times, :), Presales engineer introduced me to Director at Eplus who is my current manager. See the circle , Other than I had build relationships with engineers/management from other companies such as CDW, Ironbow, Presidio. I picked up those companies because they do work in my niche.So when my gig ended I already knew which company is hiring and who is hiring manager, so setting  up interview was piece of cake but you still have to be good at what you do before they will hire you. But there is some credibility you have to build in even you are not looking for job.

Here are some ways I networked , Best networking is when you give others without any hope of getting anything back.

Invite someone for coffee 

I met Aaron thru this message and now we are good friends. He was instrumental in getting me introductions in few companies.

How to land High Paying Jobs
How to land High Paying Jobs


Send useful information to you contacts


Introduce People you might be helpful to each other


Invite People to Event or Throw a party or Dinner –whatever you are comfortable with. I used to party guy now I prefer dinner with wine

Part of getting old . Important thing you really need to love people or you would be miserable doing this.



Good Luck


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