How to find a new job quickly without even getting off the couch

This article was written as a response to a journalist query looking for tips on topic, How to find a new job Quickly” She did not quote me so I am putting it as a blog post .

how to find a job quickly
how to find a job quickly

As a former recruiter who has spend time finding candidates on
internet , I will give few tips here which I follow religiously .Reverse Engineering how recruiters would search for you will give you a leg up in highly competitive job market.We will reverse engineer on what is taught to recruiters on How to find a new candidate on internet.

Use Slideshare to bait the recruiter.From my extensive research , I
found to be best place to bait the recruiters.
I am currently looking for new gigs as Digital Marketer , I have put
my summary in slideshare and formatted ( Reverse engineered how
recruiter would search )

Here is example of my profile

For Example :
Here is the link to my slideshare resume which I put just few days
back, It has got more than 30 views already.

Recruiter generally search on internet based on these 2 criteria
InURL  OR InTitle
They search for following keyworde:  CV OR MyResume  OR resume

If you have any of the keywords in title or url and place it on
slideshare , I bet you will get lot of enquiries

Here is the manual that is given to recruiters to search candidate

Now my recommendation on How to find a new job quickly would be take the slideshare example and do it for different possible channels such such as linkedin , your personal blog ,pinterest, youtube etc .As many free channels you have available to you.

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