We are launching new school in October

I hope you’re having an awesome day. As all of you know that I am very anti college guy, I have always tried convincing my friends out of attending any kind of long term school or college , at any opportunity I get. Degrees are worthless and universities are soon going to be dead. Most of my things I have learned either by myself or just by doing.

I strongly feel like colleges are cheating students of their time and money for their gain. I am strongly convinced because I have trained many people who didn’t know what to do in their life and they are very happy. ( Read: Making good money J  ), despite  not completing degree or college.

Why I am writing this , because we have decided to address the problem ,

3  major problems with school system that we are trying to fix

Problem 1

Content that is taught not Relevant, Professors are out of touch with reality of actual jobs by default they keep teaching same old courses which doesn’t make sense. Its takes up to 6 months to 2 years for professor to get a new course approved . By that time technology has changed.


Get working professional to design and implement curriculum. Teach whats required to get a particular job in quick time. Its working solution not a perfect solution. Student continues learning while on job. Get him something called Minimum Effective Dose, so that he can get job,  Slang popularized by Tim Ferriss , productivity guru.

Problem 2

To expensive, Most degree will set you back anywhere from 20K to 200K , not including living and other cost, You are looking at huge expense.


Simple , Make is cheap and affordable, Something you can pay it off in 2-3 months of your salary.

Problem 3

Too long:

It take 2 to 4 years which it too much time , Technology changes every few months, Maximum instruction time in school for a course is 100 hours spread over 5 months. By the time you graduate you have studied something that’s totally outdated.


Give 400 to 600 hours of instruction, real life practice and real life projects  in short amount of time for good retention

 We are launching AIT Institute of Technology along with my friends Nitin and Atul on 1st of October 2013 ,where we will be offering IT bootcamp courses to overcome shortcomings which I mentioned above, We are not the first one to do this . There are many companies doing that but with lot of students looking for college alternative, there is lot of business to go around, Take a look at some other schools. We will be renting out houses and vacation homes to do our classes , So students will have to commit themselves for 8 -10 weeks completely.



More updates soon

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